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LWVGR Officers 2018-19

Co-President Claire McIntyre

Claire McIntyre
Secretary Jo Minor

Jo Minor

Christina Hiltrop
Secretary Cathy McIntire

Cathy McIntire

Issue and Action Committees

Issue and Action committees are the basis of the League of Women Voters mission strategy. These committees follow and act upon legislation and issues affecting League positions. These positions can be found at the state League website,, by accessing the link to Where We Stand. New members or interested observers are welcome to attend the committee meetings.

Campaign Finance Reform Committee The Election Finance Reform Committee observes and discusses the effect money has on the American electoral system. The League of Women Voters has been an active participant in CFR for over four decades. It formally adopted a Campaign Finance position in 1974. It continually monitors, and when appropriate, advocates for campaign finance reform in legislative, judicial and regulatory forums at the federal and state levels. It lobbied strongly for the passage of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, cosponsored by Senators McCain and Feingold and passed in 2002. It calls public attention to the issues through regular press releases and op ed pieces, and it works in coalition with other organizations. The committee meets the third Tuesday of each month at Meg's Daily Grind, 3885 N Perryville Road, Rockford at 6pm.
Chair: Elizabeth Lindquist

Education: The LWVGR supports a public school system that is equitable both in quality for all students and in financing for the taxpayer. The committee follows events, both state and local, that impact schools and school funding, hosting informational forums and advocating as necessary. Education Funding is a priority issue for the League of Women Voters Illinois for the upcoming 2013-15 biennium. The committee meets the third Tuesday of each month at Meg's on Alpine, 1141 N. Alpine Road, Rockford at 4:15 PM.
Co-chairs: Glenda Shaver

Environmental Issues: The Environmental Issues Committee learns and educates abut how to protect the environment. It advocates for protection and preservation of natural resources including land, water, and air. We have local experts attend our committee meetings to inform us about local issues and we present an educational opportunity to the public yearly. Climate Change is a priority issue for the League of Women Voters Illinois for the upcoming 2013-15 biennium. The committee meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at Katie's Cup, 502 7th St., Rockford at 1:00 PM.
Chair: Diane Cushing

Health Care: A crisis in Behavioral Healthcare funding in Winnebago/Boone Counties is the health care committee's focus. The Health Care Committee meets the third Thursday of each month at Meg's on Alpine, 1141 N. Alpine Road, Rockford at 10:00 AM.
Chair: Wanda Hoover and Lynn Liston

Immigration: Lobbies/researches national, state, and local legislation and provides education on issues for members and the public. The Immigration Committee meets the first Thursday of each month at Meg's on Alpine Road, at 5:15 PM.
Chair: Jo Minor

Local Government: The goal and mission of the Local Government Committee is to promote, educate, and inform the citizens of our region on important issues facing our community and state. From time to time, the Local Government Committee is called upon to prepare a study on current issues that impact local municipalities. The Local Government Committee is also the League's vehicle for planning and preparing candidate forums. The committee meets the second Wednesday of each month at Katie's Cup on 7th St. at noon.
Chair: Paula Lind

Membership: Membership is one of the core committees of the LWVGR. It is not an issues committee but, as members are the backbone of the League, it is key to LWVGR success. The focus is on a strategy to grow the League and involve new and existing members. We meet as needed.
Co-Chairs: Diane Cushing

Voter Service: The purpose of the Voter Service Committee is to see optimum Voter turnout by facilitating voter registration and education. This is done by providing voter registration and voter education opportunities, ensuring democracy works for every citizen by working to make sure every vote is counted, and seeking to develop coalitions with other groups to form a stronger voice. The Committee also follows legislation affecting voting rights. The Voter Service Committee meets the first Thursday of each month, except July and August, at Stockholm Inn on Charles St. at 9:30 AM.
Chair: Susan Janson