This Week with the League: June 9-15, 2019

The Health Committee is studying the various healthcare plans, such as Medicare for All, being promoted nationally.  Once the study is complete it will be shared with the public to help voters evaluate candidate positions and make an educated choice. The goal is to have the study and educational campaign done prior to the primaries in the spring.The committee is looking for both League and community members to be involved.  Please contact committee chairs Lynn Liston or Wanda Hoover at

Fair Tax: The League is also prioritizing passage by voters of the Fair Tax in November 2020. This will also require League and community member involvement to both advocate for the Fair Tax and to educate the public as to what it means.  LWVGR member Elizabeth Lindquist has been working with LWVIL as a speaker on the Fair Tax. More details will follow as to how you can be involved.

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