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A letter to the Register Star

Dear Editor:
The League of Women Voters of Greater Rockford opposes the arming of teachers and other staff in our community’s schools.

This November, the Illinois Association of School Boards  (IASB) annual conference will consider two recommended resolutions: Resolution # 1 would provide school boards the option to allow district employees to carry a concealed firearm with qualifications. Resolution # 3 would create and fund a school safety grant to help assist school districts in the hiring of School Resource Officers or security personnel. School Resource Officers would be authorized to carry a firearm providing training is received.

The passage of these resolutions will lead to IASB support of and advocacy for state legislation to arm teachers and staff across the state.

The League of Women Voters of Illinois (LWVIL) believes there is not adequate evidence to demonstrate the efficacy of such proposals. There are many areas of unanswered questions including standards for training, the impact on children and the need to fund social services for at-risk children. Such concerns must be addressed prior to pursuing these Resolutions.

The LWVIL urges members of the community to contact your local School Board and urge a “no” vote on resolutions #1 and #3 at the IASB Conference in November.

Jo Minor, President
League of Women Voters of Greater Rockford

Please use these resources to learn more and contact your school board representatives.

Update: Monday, November 11, 2019 Rockford School Board members voted 9 to 1 to advise that armed school personnel not be allowed.

Rockford Public Schools School Board members contact info:
President: Ken Scrivano Subdistrict C  815-871-6683
Vice President: Tim Rollins Subdistrict B 815-987-8910
Secretary: Jude Makulec Subdistrict D 815-633-6818
Anthony Dixon:  Subdistrict A 815-890-8944
David Seigel:  Subdistrict E 815-608-3636
Michael Connor:  Subdistrict F 815-505-7809
June Standford  Subdistrict G   815-289-3399

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