NRA Shill, Dana Loesch, smears groups Moms Demand Action and League of Women Voters for Opposing Armed School Guards.

Misuses the term, “Carpetbaggers,” is in need of dictionary.

Carpetbagger [kahr-pit-bag-er]


1. U.S. History. a Northerner who went to the South after the Civil War and became active in Republican politics, especially so as to profiteer from the unsettled social and political conditions of the area during Reconstruction.

2. a politician who takes up residence in a place and runs for office without having strong ties to the area.

3. any opportunistic or exploitive outsider: Our bus company has served this town for years, but now the new one run by carpetbaggers from the city is stealing our business.

Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2019

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