The City of Rockford’s Housing Survey for Residents is now available!!!


The City of Rockford wants to focus on developing housing goals that will have a significant impact on improving housing opportunities for the residents of Rockford.  We recognize that safe, well-maintained housing is hard to come by.  And yet the condition, availability and affordability of housing can affect everything from physical and mental health to success in school and at work.  In order to ensure we are developing the most appropriate and effective goals, we really need input from the experts in our community:  the residents!  It is important to us that residents are involved throughout this process.

If you could share our brief survey with your neighbors, we can do the following:

1)      Discover what Rockford residents care about the most when it comes to housing
2)      Determine the kind of housing that needs to be built (for those who choose new construction as the priority)
3)      Determine what investments are needed in existing neighborhoods (for those who choose revitalization/rehabilitation as the priority)
4)      Plan next engagements steps using the information respondents give us about how they expect to get information and to give input

It’s easy to share the survey!  You can post one or more of the attached images to your neighborhood social media; and/or repost one of the City’s posts about the survey; and/or you can share the following links and the attached pdf flyer to your contact list:  

If you have questions about the survey or sharing it in other ways, or if you’d like to provide feedback in additional ways, please contact me at 779-348-7442. 

We appreciate your help in ensuring that residents’ voices are heard and we are able to create the housing plan that will have the greatest impact for Rockford residents. Please pass the survey links to all your contacts – your friends, neighbors, co-workers, clients and anyone else you know who lives in Rockford!

Sarah Leys, (she/her)
Housing & Program Manager
City of Rockford Community & Economic Development Department
P: (779) 348-7442 | C: (815) 209-7077