LWVGR registers 40 new voters at massive Citizen Naturalization Ceremony

Voter Registration at a Federal Naturalization Ceremony at Nordlof 2024-01-22

The League of Women Voters of Greater Rockford Voter Services Committee deputy registrars registered 72 new voters from 33 countries created in a United States Citizen Naturalization Ceremony held at the Rockford Public Library Nordlof Center on Monday, January 22, 2024.

Joyous new citizens and their families accepted their registration as a natural next step in their participation in representative democracy. Deputy registrars furiously completed registration forms, swearing in the new voters three and four at a time.

Deputy registrars were Voter Services Co-chairs Carol Bailey, and DeeDee Soderberg, plus Diane Cushing, Faye Marcus, Laurie Hamdani, Linda Butkovich, Ruth Swanson, Carol Bailey, Karen Rufner, DeeDee Soderberg, and Wanda Hoover.


The LWVGR Voter Services Committee is always looking for voter registration opportunities. Please contact the Voter Services Committee co-chairs to schedule a voter registration event for your company or school.