Voter Registration at Auburn High School Wed., January 25

Jaci Delahanty, Diane Cushing, Ruth Swanson and Maria Mendia with teacher, Jonathan Logeman, teacher and 2nd Ward Alderman

The League of Women Voters of Greater Rockford registered nine new voters and distributed QR code cards linking to the Illinois Voter Guide, a non-partisan one-stop shop for voter and candidate information, Wednesday, October 25, 2024, at Auburn High School in Rockford.

Illinois law to allows voter registration of teens who will be 18 years of age by the next election.

When registering to vote, remember to bring two forms of ID, one with a current address. When one changes one’s name due to marriage, etc. or when moving to a new address, their voter registration needs to be updated in order to be valid.

The LWVGR Voter Services Committee is always looking for voter registration opportunities. Please contact the Voter Services Committee co-chairs to schedule a voter registration event for your company or school.

Note: Voter registration by community deputy voter registrars ceases for 30 days before an election. The Illinois Primary Election is March 9, so the last day for Voter Registration by the LWVGR is February 8, 2024. Voter registration continues through local election authorities. For a timeline of registration and election activities, please refer to LWVGR’s Election and Voting Information page.