Voter Services Committee reaches 1,000 voter registrant milestone!

Rockford Guilford High School student Mile Djuvic accepts a certificate for being the 1000th voter registrant of 2023-24 from Mayor Tom McNamara as applauded by the present LWVGR Voter Service committee members, May 9, 2024. Photo: Ruth Swanson

Carol Bailey, League of Women Voters of Greater Rockford (LWVGR) Voter Services Chair said it was an incredible day at Guilford High School in Rockford. The May 9, 2024 press conference went well and was covered by TV Channel 23. The 1000th registered voter was registered by Wanda Hoover. Mike Djukic (Mee-lay Joo-vick) is the child of Serbian immigrants who was born in Rockford. He was just delightful and so shocked with all the hoopla. Janie Wilson-Cook swooped in with a certificate for Mayor Tom McNamara to present to Mike.

Since July 1, 2023, the Deputy Registrars of the Voter Services Committee
have kept a tally of registered voters. They registered a total of 154 new voters at Guilford. Ruth Swanson, Maria Mendia, Kate Schnell, Carol Davies, Linda Butkovich, Theresa Wilmot and Lora Prochaska also volunteered. The YTD total is 1134, including 3 registrations by new member Matthew Oakes at Rock Valley College.

East High School had led the entire region in registered voters by
completing 130 voter registrations on February 20, 2024, followed closely by
Jefferson High School with 125 and Auburn with 104 new voters.

We applaud the dedicated teachers and school administrators who
welcomed the LWVGR volunteer deputy registrars into the classrooms and
helped make this voter drive a success.

For more information or to schedule a voter registration drive at your church, school, or business, please contact: LWVGR Voter Services committee chair Carol Bailey at