Candidates Views – Contested Primary Elections February 23 – Rockford 11th Ward

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On January 9, 2021 The League of Women Voters of Greater Rockford sent a questionnaire to reachable candidates in the Municipal Primary Elections being held February 23, 2021. Early voting started January 14, and mail-in ballots available when a request is sent to: Rockford Board of Elections at and Boone County Clerk’s office. There are no Winnebago County only candidates.

The results below are for the contested primary races only. All candidates for office will be included after results of the primaries are announced. Candidates not submitting platform information will have their names present, all candidates are in ballot order.

Belvidere 2nd Ward, City Clerk, and Belvidere Township Trustee candidates did not submit responses.

Rockford 11th Ward Primary Election - 2021

NameGerald AlbertTuffy QuinonezTerri Schierer
Gerald AlbertTerri Schierer
Street Address111 N 6th St #1691No response2124 17th Ave
CityRockfordNo responseRockford
Preferred public campaign contact methodgerald.albert77@yahoo.comNo response Phone: 779-548-5408
Highest Education AchievedAssociate Degree Diploma or Trade certificationNo responseFour-year College Degree
Field of Experience, either paid or volunteerA plethora of community service with a variety of agencies in RockfordNo responseFinancial Planning Services, Personnel Recruitment, Engineering, Environmental Services, League of Women Voters Local Government Committee, Neighborhood Group President, Community Groups
Candidate PartyDemocraticNo responseDemocrat
Elective OfficeAlderpersonNo responseAlderperson
Constituent Area11th WardNo response11th Ward
Candidate StatusChallengerNo responseChallenger
Why do you want to be on the City Council? What prompted you to run for office?I want to better represent the needs and interests of the 11th Ward. I will aggressively voice the needs of the area with a goal of accomplishing more development, safe and affordable housing, eliminating urban blight, and crime reduction.No responseI want to ensure that the families and businesses in the 11th Ward have all the opportunities for a safe and growing economic environment.

I decided to run for Alderman because of the lack of leadership, and communication in the 11th Ward.
How much time, in hours, do you think you will have to spend each week in committee meetings?12No response15
How much time, in hours, will you have available each week to address constituents concerns, discuss issues, and personally meet with some constituents?9No response15
Do you have any plans, or ambition, to seek other elected positions in government after serving on the City Council?Maybe. Let's see how this goes.No responseNo, This office is my only goal.
Do you plan to hold regular public constituent meetings?Yes, QuarterlyNo responseYes, monthly
What are the special challenges of your constituent area and how do you plan to address those needs?We have many needs in the area. Crime reduction would be first and foremost. I would hope to foster improved relations with police to engage community to assist in those efforts.No responseThere is a high unemployment rate, high rate of crime, and need to improve roads, sidewalks, etc.

Plan includes workshops addressing unemployment, crime, resources for home improvement, and committee to oversee funds for ward improvement.
What specific talents from your previous experiences make you a good candidate for your office?I have exceptional written and verbal communication skills. I have organized and directed community initiatives. I have the ability to create consensus for people to come together on an issue or challenge. I enjoy serving the community.No responseMy experience in financial planning services, personnel recruitment, engineering and environmental services, as well, as my volunteer work in neighborhoods, youth activities, community groups, and elected school positions.
For Rockford aldermanic candidates: On which committees do you wish to be a member? Code & Regulation
Rockford Area Economic Development Council
Planning & Development
Community Action Agency
No responseCode & Regulation
Labor Negotiations
Rockford Area Economic Development Council
Planning & Development
Finance & Personnel
What specific skills do you bring to the committees?I am a great listener and have a keen sense to understand and grapple issues at hand to render solutions to meet overall goals and objectives.No responseMy work experience in Financial Planning Services, Personnel Recruitment, Business Owner, Engineering, and Environmental Services. My volunteer work in Neighborhood Groups, Community Groups, School Organizations, and Business Organizations.
What is your experience in group negotiations for stated goals? (In partisan situations certain guidelines may need consensus.)I have yet to serve in a partial situation. I would use my previous experiences as a reference to coming to consensus and meeting goals and objectives desired.No responseMy experience has included negotiations with environment agencies about required equipment and discharge limits in company environmental permits as well as with school officials about student needs.
If you feel strongly about a particular issue and your constituents feel the opposite, how would you vote when the issues comes up on the Council?Vote as the majority of my constituents want. I represent them.No responseVote as the majority of my constituents want. I represent them.
In decisions where your constituent area will gain at the expense of the community as a whole, where does your allegiance to your constituent area end and your concern about community-wide issues begin?The overall goal would to consider the needs of the City and and community as a whole.No responseI will vote as my constituents want. However, there is an adage of “winning the battle but loosing the war.” After thoroughly reviewing the issue and discussing the issue with my constituency, I will sometimes vote with the adage in mind
What is the core reason(s) for crime in your constituent area and the community as a whole.Rockford has a number of issues contributing to the overall increase of crime. One is the high unemployment rate which strains relations within families. Second is the increasing low high school graduation rates. We can do better and shouldNo responsePolice reports indicate the majority of crime in our area is attributed to kids.

Crime is also because some people “do not want to get involved” and don't report crimes. Criminals won't worry about what they do if they won't be reported.
What ideas do you have to reduce crime in your constituent area and the community as a whole? Please include funding ideas.Our police and community need to come together to focus on creating better solutions. We know the issues and challenges. We need to further think outside the box and come together to attact those issues with a Rockford based approach.No responseIdeas include youth activities; more neighborhood watch groups; provide tools for increasing the reporting of crimes; and improving the relations between our citizens and police.

Funding will include grants and community fund raising.
Do you support retraining police to reduce confrontational police tactics?Yes, police retraining is needed and additional social resources are needed to augment the ability to keep the peace.No responseYes, police retraining is needed and additional social resources are needed to augment the ability to keep the peace.
What method would you support to pay for additional social resources to keep the peace?Re-allocate current police funding to pay for additional social resources. No higher taxes.No responseRe-allocate current police funding to pay for additional social resources. No higher taxes.
What do you think the community can do about the increase in gun violence that has not already been done?We need to have more effective programs in our schools and community to deter use. Its not guns that kill people it people with guns that do. We should work and have more programs targeting high risk populations.No responseIn addition to answers above, we will encourage neighbor watch groups to have social events. Studies indicate that the more neighbors get to know each other, the more they will look out for each other, resulting in a reduction in crime.
What ideas do you have for more commerce that brings jobs to the community for middle-class wages and benefits?Increase the high school graduation attainment rate. We need more effective training programs to train for high demand careers. We should engage more of our struggling communities to be engaged in the process.No responseThe key to attracting more companies is providing training in the newer technologies that companies now need. Even if we show companies economic incentives in relocating to Rockford, it would be for not if we didn't have the trained workers
What do you think needs done to address the issues of social-economic and race inequity this community?Rockford should focus and continue to bring down barriers. There needs to be more of an effort to eliminate racism but further drive the tolerance out of the community. Target contractors and agencies first with overall goals and awarenessNo responseForums and workshops need to be developed to address social-economic and race inequity. Relations between residents can be strengthened through picnics, block parties, chili-cook offs, etc.
For Rockford Candidates Only: Do you support the continuation of the 1% sales tax for road infrastructure?YesNo responseYes
Concerning the Covid-19 pandemic, what mitigation-level rules you support?Mandatory CDC-recommended masks and 6-foot social distancing.No responseMandatory CDC-recommended masks and 6-foot social distancing.
Please state any other areas, important to you, that you want the public to know.In my ward there is a great need to have banking services and viable grocers. We currently have a food desert.No responseThe only way to make the 11th Ward truly representative of its citizens is to vote. Don’t let anyone stop you. Whomever is elected, make them accountable to everyone in the Ward, regardless of whether they funded or volunteered for the candidate. Demand public meetings. Demand equal access to city services. I guarantee you, as your alderman, you will finally be equally represented.