Candidates Views – General Elections April 6 – Rockford 9th Ward

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On January 9, 2021 The League of Women Voters of Greater Rockford sent a questionnaire to reachable candidates in the Municipal Elections being held April 6, 2021. Early voting started March 12, and mail-in ballots available when a request is sent to: Rockford Board of Elections at, Boone County Clerk’s office and the Winnebago County Clerk’s office.

The results below are for the Rockford and Belvidere city races only. Candidates not submitting questionnaire information will have their names present, all candidates are in ballot order.

General Voting and Election Information

Ballots, voter rights, contact info, literally everything, is on the LWVGR Voter Information page. Office winners are checked.

Rockford 9th Ward General Election - 2021

NameWilliam Rose ✔︎Unopposed
William Rose
Street Address3618 Bently Drive
Preferred public campaign contact
Highest Education AchievedMasters Degree
Field of Experience, either paid or volunteerEducation
Candidate PartyDemocratic
Elective OfficeAlderperson
Constituent Area9th Ward
Candidate StatusIncumbent
Why do you want to be on the City Council? What prompted you to run for office?Four years ago I saw a need to make some drastic changes on the Northwest end. I am excited that many of the changes were ongoing, however, we have some unfinished business in improving areas of town with numerous issues.
How much time, in hours, do you think you will have to spend each week in committee meetings?5
How much time, in hours, will you have available each week to address constituents concerns, discuss issues, and personally meet with some constituents?15
Do you have any plans, or ambition, to seek other elected positions in government after serving on the City Council?Maybe. Let's see how this goes.
Do you plan to hold regular public constituent meetings?Yes, Quarterly
What are the special challenges of your constituent area and how do you plan to address those needs?Neighborhood and business development, infrastructure and crime are always top issues facing our Northwest end.
What specific talents from your previous experiences make you a good candidate for your office?I have served as Planning and Development Chair for four years and Democratic Caucis Chair for two years. These leadership opportunities have allowed me to work with candidates on both sides of the aisle.
For Rockford aldermanic candidates: On which committees do you wish to be a member? Historic Preservation
Planning & Development
Housing Ad Hoc
Legislative & Lobbying
What specific skills do you bring to the committees?I've served on each of these committees in the past. As a history teacher, my interest in local history and architecture allow me to research and promote our areas strong historical background.
What is your experience in group negotiations for stated goals? (In partisan situations certain guidelines may need consensus.)Municipal government should act non-partisan. In rare cases, we disagree and that can lead to partisan disagreements. It's important and necessary for city leaders to treat people with respect and set an example for our residents and youth.
If you feel strongly about a particular issue and your constituents feel the opposite, how would you vote when the issues comes up on the Council?Vote with my knowledge and experience. That's why I was chosen to represent.
In decisions where your constituent area will gain at the expense of the community as a whole, where does your allegiance to your constituent area end and your concern about community-wide issues begin?All of Rockford needs to be a priority. When one neighborhood suffers, all of our neighboring community is impacted. Its important for us to realize this and put investment into underutilized areas, no matter how people feel.
What is the core reason(s) for crime in your constituent area and the community as a whole.Disinvestment and long ignored racial and social issues have led to crime in my area. Also, lack of accountability to irresponsible landlords has led to criminal behavior becoming increasingly prevalent. More needs to be done on these front
What ideas do you have to reduce crime in your constituent area and the community as a whole? Please include funding ideas.Increased funding on counseling and social work, neighborhood activities for kids, and increased funding for blight reduction are all important. Finally, going back to the Focused Deterrence model combined with neighborhood policing are key
Do you support retraining police to reduce confrontational police tactics?Yes, police retraining is needed and additional social resources are needed to augment the ability to keep the peace.
What method would you support to pay for additional social resources to keep the peace?Re-allocate current police funding to pay for additional social resources. No higher taxes.
What do you think the community can do about the increase in gun violence that has not already been done?Keep our libraries and bring back focused Deterrence initiatives lost in the past two years. Crime went with focused Deterrenced and navigator who managed gang activities.
What ideas do you have for more commerce that brings jobs to the community for middle-class wages and benefits?Continue to push for local small business development combined with increased work for trades and pro union initiatives. Also, investing into major development along Rockton, West state, Auburn and other key west side areas.
What do you think needs done to address the issues of social-economic and race inequity this community?I'd like to address this more with community input. We don't have all the answers, but its important we try to heal areas that have been forgotten or ignored.
Concerning the Covid-19 pandemic, what mitigation-level rules you support?Recommended CDC-recommended masks and 6-foot social distancing.
Please state any other areas, important to you, that you want the public to know.Crime has been a hot button issue. We need to address the fact that Rockford has no recourse for irresponsible land owners who continue to disinvest in our community, but who continue to rent in low income neighborhoods. These absent landlords continue to provide an environment where criminals can operate drug operations and criminal activity openly in our neighborhoods. We must address this issue and I hope we gain support in Springfield to address this matter.