LWVGR Voter Registration at the Naturalization Ceremony at Coronado Theater in Rockford, Illinois 9/25/2023

Why you should and how you can join our grassroots organization!

Learn more about the Rockford League:
LWVGR Membership Brochure. This is an informational brochure about the LWVGR.
Read the LWVGR 2023 Annual Report. 
LWVGR 2023 Annual Report. This is the report on how the League defended democracy in 2022-2023. (Also why we are “all in” on monarch butterflies.)
Join the Rockford League On-line and by Mail. 
Printable Membership Form. This is the one you download, fill out, and mail to the Treasurer. It is preferred that you still fill out the online form for an immediate reservation.

How to donate, and/or join the League Membership!
Step #1 Download and fill out the Printable Membership Form.
Step #2 Fill out the on-line form.
Step #3 Follow directions on online order confirmation.
Step #4 Before mailing your form with payment, email a photograph of the paper form or the filled out PDF form to:
Step #5 Mail your printable form with a check as directed in form. Thanks!

Membership Choices

*Membership to The League of Women Voters of Greater Rockford is open to all regardless of financial considerations, so please feel free to choose how much you can pay.
Special memberships include one individual membership.

Almost done...

Donations to LWVGR Operating Fund are non-tax deductible (Please enter quantity in U.S. dollars for total amount.)
If you opt-in, every June you will be notified by email that your annual LWVGR membership dues will be automatically charged to the credit card you have on file. You may opt-out from automatic payment at any time.
PayPal collects a 3.49% processing fee plus a $0.49 transaction fee. This is about $4.00 for an Individual or family membership. For donations and fees larger than $300.00, our treasurer will contact you.
Please mail check to: League of Women Voters of Greater Rockford Chris Hiltrop 2606 Point O Woods Drive Rockford, IL 61114. You will have an opportunity to use an online shopping cart through a link in your confirmation on the next page.

Getting to know you.

The League of Women Voters is more than voter registration. There are several action committees and many background positions in technology, event planning, etc. Always wanted to learn a task? We'll have a resident expert teach you. The League is a fun place to meet others, discuss, and learn!
This is to determine skill-sets or special talents. Please be a specific or general as you wish: i.e. "child psychologist" or "mental health." Retirees or home-based: please name your former field, volunteerism, or hobbies.
$ 0.00

Tax-Deductible Donations Instructions

To donate to the LWVGR Scholarship Fund, Go to the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois donation page.

To donate to the LWVGR League Educational Fund, click on the League of Women Voters of Illinois donation page.

Any questions: Please email: Thanks!