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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: The Impact of Property Taxes on our Public Schools
Hosted by the Education Committee

Tuesday, April 17, 6pm
North Suburban Library
6340 North Second Avenue
Loves Park, Illinois

Education-forum-2018-04-17 North suburban Library April 17 6pm Please mark your calendars for April 17th when the LWVGR Education Committee will present a panel discussion on the impact of local property taxes on the school budget.

- Josh Aurand, Harlem District Assistant Superintendent, who will discuss the local impact of property taxes
- Ben Boer, Deputy Director Advance Illinois, will speak about the big picture of property taxes on Illinois public schools and the impact of a potential property tax freeze.
- It will be moderated by Jean Harezlak, League member and former superintendent of the Rockton School District.

Even though the new Evidence Based Model will increase the state's share of public school funding, it will require an additional $7 B to reach adequacy, which ISBE anticipates will take approximately 10 years to reach. So property taxes will still figure prominently in school budgets.

Please come and learn more about their importance as a source of funding for public schools. Again, bring a friend. Bring a lot of friends. This is an extremely important topic to understand.

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League Members on the ballot in November 2018.
Sara Dady will run for the 16th Congressional House Seat.
Ann Dempsey will run to fill a vacancy on the 17th Judicial Circuit Court.

Illinois needs to pass the Equal Rights Amendment NOW!ACTION NEEDED:

Please contact your Illinois State Representative to support SJRCA0004, Senate Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment on the Equal Rights Amendment. Please call your Illinois state representative before April 10.

Find phone numbers for your legislators at +

When this proposed ERA went to the states for ratification to the U.S. Constitution, 35 out of the required 38 states ratified the ERA. Illinois has not ratified it.

In March 2017, Nevada became the 36th state to ratify the ERA. If Illinois ratifies the ERA, that will be the 37th state with the need for just one more ratifying state to reach the required 38 states.

In order for the Illinois General Assembly to ratify the ERA, there is a required 3/5 majority of the Illinois House plus a 3/5 majority of the Illinois Senate.

The Illinois General Assembly may vote on SJRCA0004 during the second week of April after the election and holiday recess.

WHY IT MATTERS: The Illinois Constitution has an equal rights clause: "The equal protection of the laws shall not be denied or abridged on account of sex by the State or its units of local government and school districts." (Article I, Section 18)

That clause does not apply to the U.S. government or to other states as the ERA would if it were part of the U.S. Constitution.

LWVUS has known that the U.S. Constitution's 14th Amendment equal protection clause may not be interpreted to apply regardless of sex. Therefore, LWVUS has consistently supported ratification since 1972 by its position: "The LWVUS and The LWVGR supports equal rights for all regardless of sex."

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