Local League Public Policy


  • Support a public school system that is equitable both in quality for all students and in financing for the taxpayer
  • Support the implementation of action plans as developed in partnership with school personnel and citizens


  • Support policies/programs through organizations and coalitions that promote the well-being, development, health and safety of all children
  • Focus on prevention of crime and violence by supporting activities of the Violence Prevention Collaborative
  • Support the study of a comprehensive approach on planning and conducting behavioral health services to meet the needs of the citizens of greater Rockford


  • Support improved election services for all citizens of Winnebago county by consolidating the administration of election services in an independent county-wide commission created by the enactment of enabling legislation by the State of Illinois
  • Support home rule in Rockford
  • Support efforts to reduce the size of the Winnebago County Board


  • Support the Winnebago County 2030 Land Resource Management Plan
  • Support improved waste management
  • Support the protection and conservation of natural resources including land, water and air