Month: November 2022

RFD Airport Noise Study 2022
Non-League Events
Public Events

RFD Airport Noise Study Virtual Meeting Thursday, December 8

A virtual public information session on December 8 regarding a noise study being done at the Rockford airport.

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Dreamers march DACA

National League Supports “Dreamer” Protection

“The League stands with all Dreamers, and we strongly support legislation to permanently protect DACA recipients while we work toward lasting common-sense fair immigration policies for all.”

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Groovy Ballot Box

Election Thank You!

The League of Women Voters of Greater Rockford and the Go Vote 815 Coalition want to recognize election authority officials, their staffs, and local election judges for safeguarding the integrity of the recent Midterm Election.  Election day voting, as well as early voting and mail-in voting, proceeded smoothly and efficiently. Thank you all for providing […]

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U. S. Constitution and Flag
Voting Rights History

Choose Democracy

“It’s a republic, if you can keep it.“— Benjamin Franklin

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