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See Rock Valley College Women’s History and PAIC host LWVGR Suffragists Exhibit at Rockford City Hall at Art Scene Fri.-Sat., April 23 & 24. Exhibit continues until April 30

The exhibit, “Heroes of American Women’s Voting Rights“ is displayed at the Rockford City Hall has been extended until April 30. Rock Valley College Women’s History and PAIC sponsored the event. The paintings, created by League member Janie Wilson-Cook, and requested by the League of Women Voters of Greater Rockford, depicts a series of portrait […]

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Jane McAfee and Bentley
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Remembering Jane McAfee, a Servant-Leader

Former LWVGR President Jane McAfee was a social justice warrior before they even had a name for it.

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Recount procedure map.
Electoral College

The Mechanics of Potential Recounts

Recounts can be instigated automatically or requested by either candidate. How do recounts affect the final Electoral College results? There are many roads to a result.

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Groovy Ballot Box
Electoral College

Patience, Please…Democracy is at Work.

The 2020 Presidential Election results will not be announced the evening of Tuesday, November 3. The Electoral College is a complicated, but time-honored path. Trust the process.

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